Digital marketing trends in healthcare

Digital marketing trends in healthcare

In a rapidly evolving world, healthcare plays not only a role in physical fitness of people but also contributes to the nation’s economy. The healthcare industry, which comprises hospitals, medical services, paramedical services, pharmaceuticals, medical insurance and all activities which enhance healthcare to patients.

With the growing numbers, healthcare is facing numerous issues including costs and transparency, consumer experience, operation and coordination of medical and paramedical services through partnerships and collaborations, data and analytics, consumer data access, holistic individual health, next generation payment models, healthcare policy and privacy.

Most patients find healthcare services through online sources. Not only patients, anyone turns to mobile phone to seek information. Besides healthcare services can display reputation, reliability and professionalism in digital marketing which convinces patients to give a try.

Digital marketing has immense benefits including low cost per acquisition of patient, demographic targeting, data-driven decisions, search engine visibility.

Digital marketing reduces cost per acquisition (CPA) by less than half when compared to traditional print and television advertising. Besides, it can target the right audience at the right time. Unlike traditional marketing, the performance of the digital marketing can be elaborately measured, whose information can assist future marketing decisions.

Digital marketing for healthcare refers to promotion of healthcare services through online platforms and is considered as a wise marketing investment option. Making a website facilitates patients to easily retain information about the healthcare services. Besides, patients can be engaged through social media by health related posts.

Direct communication with doctor assures patients to go further and finalize the healthcare provider. Besides keyword optimization helps to reach targeted patients with specific health conditions. Age, gender, demography and health issues can be streamlined through digital marketing.

Ease of access reduces stress for patients and enhances their experience. Such comfortable experience procures positive reviews, which has positive effect on the health services. Reviews also improve visibility in search engine result pages.

A probable patient at least goes through half dozen reviews before booking an appointment. Patients also make an extensive research before finalizing a practitioner.

Posting content which provides information draws appreciation from clients, which gives the healthcare provider a winning edge over competitors. Online presence in the form of blogs and social media presence strengthens credibility. Video marketing though slow in its growth is treading steadily. Videos achieve in 10 minutes what a 1500 blog could not achieve.

Methods of digital marketing include SEO, pay per click, social media marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing. Social media mimics ‘word of mouth’ marketing where more recommendations elaborate the clientele.

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